YLVA LI Origins

Against the backdrop of a world that had grown slow and dreary from successive lockdowns. During one particular stay in her leafy Wimbledon Village home, Therese found herself reinvigorated by the spirited heartbeat of London. The traditional charm and quaint character of the village contrasted with Therese's office, which is nestled in the heart of the citys vibrant Camden Lock—a place brimming with youthful energy, artistic vibes, and an alternative fashion scene. With each pulse of Londons bountiful cultural heart, Therese's mind overflowed with ideas.

Therese Zetterberg

Therese launched her fashion line, Zetterberg Couture in 2007. Her trademark style, characterized by timeless and couture glamour, is embodied by intricate French lace woven through bridal dresses and evening gowns draped with whispy silk fabrics. These styles became a noteworthy presence in the fashion industry and Therese was soon designing beskpoke pieces for the Swedish Royal family, A-list stars and exclusive bridal clients.


YLVA LI embraces a refined look; a stark departure from the romantic, costume jewellery of Therese's previous jewellery brand, Lily and Rose. At the heart of YLVA LI's style lies a sense of simplicity and sophistication, drawing inspiration from the clean lines and geometric patterns of the Art Deco movement. Her jewellery exudes a timeless charm that effortlessly complements a variety of looks. A style that resonates with those who appreciate both modern design and classic beauty. YLVA LI's pieces evoke the charisma of the golden age of Hollywood, the glamour of Miami, and the stylish essence of the 60s and 70s.

Her loves

Amidst her busy schedule, Therese finds solace on the Swedish archipelago, where she owns an old, yet serene island home with her husband Daniel. Here she escapes the bustling world of the city and can embrace moments of solitude, which serves as the wellspring of her creative ideas. Since becoming a mother for the first time in 2021, shared creative moments through painting and play with her daughter kindles Therese's artistic spirit. Her beloved labrador Selma, a “quiet companion”, offers her warmth and security as Therese journeys to a dream world, drawing inspiration from fictional books of by-gone eras and the abundant nature surrounding her home on the island. However, her adventures are not limited to Sweden. Her journeys have taken her to many parts of the world, including travels across Europe and Asia, where she has discovered new sources of beauty, friendships and inspiration. Paris, in particular, with its romantic and artistic allure, was a dream place to live and can be attributed to a fair amount of the inspiration for her earlier brands, Zetterberg Couture and Lily and Rose jewellery. London, too, has always had its appeal to Therese and it would be this city that sparks the idea of her newest brand, YLVA LI.

Artistry of life

YLVA LI jewellery goes beyond mere accessories; they are statements, declarations of style and self-expression for artists, musicians, actresses, business-women, mothers, and anyone who values the artistry of life. These pieces are designed for those who use their personal adornments to narrate their unique stories, viewing every occasion from everyday outings to extravagant soirées, as an opportunity to paint their creativity and individuality onto the canvas of life. Our values at YLVA LI place a profound emphasis on ensuring fair pay and treatment for all staff and can guarantee that The 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact are always adhered to. The team in Gothenburg at YLVA LI are a small but very dedicated team with a common objective. To deliver exquisite jewellery and excellent customer service to our customers. YLVA LI works closely with a family-owned jewellery business in Seoul, South Korea. With an impressive legacy of crafting handmade artisan jewellery for more than three decades. Our enduring partnership, spanning over 10 years, underscores the shared commitment to produce high-quality jewellery through exemplary craftsmanship.

Our values

All packaging at YLVA LI is made of acid-free paper, thereby minimizing the use of chemicals and processes that contribute to both water and soil pollution and have adverse effects on the environment. Our jewellery boxes are "Forest Stewardship Council" marked- a certification label signifying our promise to global forest conservation and a verification that all forest-derived materials in our packaging are 100% recycled, comprising post-consumer and pre-consumer reclaimed materials. YLVA LI supports the conservation of natural resources reducing energy consumption and waste. Therese has studied some of the most exclusive diamond jewellery brands in the world and meticulously crafted pieces that deliver quality at an affordable price range.