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Kara Tointon

Kara is an award-winning English actress, with an impressive repertoire that includes her leading role in the musical, The Sound of Music; her unforgettable character, Dawn Swan, in the iconic British TV series- Eastenders; to her conquering the dance floor as the winner of Strictly Come Dancing. It would be in the acclaimed production, Mr Selfridge, which was broadcast on SVT, that we’d first discover Kara, playing the daughter of the man who’d established one of London’s most up-scale department stores, Selfridges. Then in the thriller Gaslight, she would leave a lasting impression with her portrayal of the character Bella.

Kara later happened to be Therese Zetterberg's neighbour in Notting Hill. A loving mother to her two sons, and an enchanting actress who conveys the same wonderful feeling in the TV box as on the theatre stage, Kara became a perfect choice for brand ambassador with her warm and genuine personality.

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